Part 3 – A Path

Inscribed on Underside of My Desk

The Adventures of a Superhero...

This last week I’ve contemplated writing about an adventurous path and how the concept is relative to individual experience.   Having  had a few experiences that truly fit the classic definition of adventure:  An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity, I am afraid I have been  narrow in my thinking.   However, during an adventurous interlude of periodic deep cleaning, I found myself under my little desk  –dusting and looking up I saw the inscription depicted above.  The desk was purchased at a fundraising auction by my upstairs family.  It  became the anchor in my little writing nook when it turned out not to fit in their home.  

I do not know Reed LaPlant.  But I do know some of the “…compassionate and thoughtful people of the CJOG PTA and community…”  he references.   These people and the countless others like them throughout the world who daily live their commitment to their families and larger communities–give me hope, make me proud, give me joy, make me ashamed  of my sloth and ignorance and challenge me to read, think, grow and learn.

Is it adventurous to have a soul-crushing job but go anyway everyday so that  your family can get by and even maybe get ahead?  It is adventurous to come home worn-out from life and still take the time to make a meal, read to your kid and try to teach them both a sense of themselves and moral compassion in a world where nothing seems moral or compassionate much of the time?   Is it adventurous to go out in the world every day with a skin color other than white, a gender other than male, a sexual preference other than hetero?  These are surely the adventures of superheroes.

While I hope to ride, row and roam far and wide in the years remaining to me– I challenge myself here and now to make  reading books that make me uncomfortable, seeking out people who  challenge my thinking and finding ways to act on behalf of others –a part of that path.  Thank you Reed LaPlant!

Currently reading:  “Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America” ,  Ibram X. Kendi.  Courtesy of the community of people who encourage me to be uncomfortable for the good of myself and others.

What are you reading that challenges you?  Inspires you?

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I like to roam! By bike! By kayak! By my own two feet too! Exploring the world one pedal, one paddle, one path and at a time. Always longing for the places where I am not. New places, new people, new patterns of thought--all intriguing.

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