I have been waiting nearly 9 years to meet you here!  Yes, it has taken me that long to take the germ of blogging thought in my brain and paste it to the digital page. Turns out it is both harder and easier than I thought.

A little transparency on the “about” photo…it was taken about 4 years ago.  My hair is now a fetching shade of silver, there are a few less pounds and a few more wrinkles.  I used it because I love the colors of this tiny spring-fed lake near the Mackenzie river in Oregon.  I also used it because, usually traveling alone and not being much into photography, I have few photos and fewer still with my image.  In possession of a brand new Nikon DSLR 5600 perhaps there will be a few more photos–perhaps not of me though.

New blogger advice aside,  I don’t have a narrowly specific niche in mind nor do I have a tied down format of what the blog will be.  My original idea was to do a sort of travel/RV type blog (ubiquitous now) covering my outdoor interests and minimal lifestyle.  However, I found it hard to reconcile the fact that although I want to be, I have not been actively “on the road” for a while. Currently, my thought is that it will be about whatever I post on any given day–it is my blog after all.

My goal — to quote a bit from Wallace Stevens, is to catch “The hum of thoughts evaded in the mind.”  To use the idea that “there be readers” as  motivation to capture those tiny wisps of occasional inspiration and see if they can be  turned  into a little story worth reading on a regular basis. But, since I have always been a wanderer at heart I expect posts will often reflect that. Now in my seventh decade, I still have the desire for human-powered roaming (sometimes machine assisted)  and my heart always yearns for the places where I am not.